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Project Leads-Northern California
Week ending December 31, 2015-Northern California
Week ending December 31, 2015-Southern California
***Sorted by Type, then AEC Posted Date**
AEC Posted
Due Date
Type Title Place of Performance
151231 160115 Consultant Bid #RFP-FAF-FY16-0065 - County of Santa Clara Civic Center Master Plan- Environmental Review Services
Project Description
Santa Clara Co
151231 160129 Consultant Archaeological and Native American Monitoring - North Central Pedestrian Infrastructure Improvements
Project Description
San Mateo
151229 160203 Consultant 150408.SD Environmental Regulatory Support Services
Project Description
151228 160107 Consultant EISA Evaluation & DES Report
Project Description
Menlo Park
151228 160113 Consultant Power and Control Assessment and Design
Project Description
Contra Costa Co
151228 160129 Consultant RFP 15-16-21 PREPARE ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION PLAN
Project Description
151230 160122 Design Request for Proposals (RFP) for Elevator Modernization Design Services, (RFP No. 15-16/17)
Project Description
151231 160205 Energy Prop 39 RFQ 15-16-02 Requests for Qualifications and Proposals for Energy Planning, Proposition 39 Program Implementation
Project Description
151230 160128 Engineering 2016-35 KANSAS AVE & BNSF INTERSECTION ENHANCEMENTS
Project Description
Kings Co
151230 160201 Engineering CS-178, CS-179 & CS-180 Professional and Technical Engineering Services
Project Description
San Francisco
151228 160204 Engineering RFP 15-15 Construction Engineering Services for New York Ranch Road/Ridge Road Intersection Improvement Project
Project Description
Amador Co
151228 160127 Engineering RFP-F16-74-0-2015/LV Professional Engineering Services for- Signal Coordination Timing And Optimization
Project Description
151228 - Future Opps 6M8114 Construction Management Services for Transbay Tube Internal Retrofit
Project Description
Bay Area
151228 - zzzzzz

RFP/RFQ's-Complimentary opps outside of CA
es some brief descriptions of RFP/Qs such as A&E, Construction Management, Environmental Consultants, Land Use Planning, etc. in areas such as AZ, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA
Brief descriptions of the projects

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