AEC Leads-S CA

Project Leads-Southern California
Week ending August 1, 2003
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Posted Due Type Title Place of Performance
030801 030905 A&E RFP-Contractor/Team for the Preparation of an Implementation Plan for California High-Speed Rail Authority Statewide
030801 030829 A&E RFP-Space Planning and Engineering Services (architectural, space planning, structural, construction management, mechanical and electrical engineering) Long Beach
030730 030806 A&E RFQ-Architectural Services, Rancho Cucamonga Campus Various Renovation Projects Rancho Cucamonga
030730 030828 A&E RFQ-Architectural/Engineering Design Services-General Classroom Building Los Angeles
030730 030828 A&E RFQ-Architectural/Engineering Design Services-Health Care Careers Center Los Angeles
030730 030828 A&E RFQ-Architectural/Engineering Design Services-Language Arts Center Los Angeles
030730 030828 A&E RFQ-Architectural/Engineering Services-Technology Instruction and Classroom Building Los Angeles
030801 030903 A&E RFQ-Phase II School Design Architects Los Angeles
030729 030812 A&E RFQ-Professional Urban Design/Architecture Services Los Angeles
030801 N/A A&E SOQ-Update Consultant List for Public Works Department Temecula
030801 030904 Construction Management RFP-Construction Management Services ADA Bus Stop Modifications Orange Co
030801 030820 Construction Management RFP-Construction Manager (CM) for New La Posta Counseling Center Alpine
030730 030807* Construction Project Management RFQ-Construction Project Management Services to build a 40,000 gsf medical surgical facility and other retail and office facilities *due date is to request RFQ Lynwood
030801 030903 Consultant RFP-Paratransit Growth Management Orange Co
030728 030808 Consultant RFP-Real Estate Appraisal Services-Tomo Kahni SHP (for acquisition of property) Tehachapi
030730 030828 Design-Build RFP-Design/Build ADA Restroom Improvements at 5 Fire Stations San Bernardino
030801 030918 Design-Build RFQ-Design-Build Services for City of San Diego Rancho Bernardo Reservoir Replacement San Diego
030731 030929 Energy RFP-PIER & U.S. DOE Energy Storage Systems Program Statewide
030728 030815 Engineering RFQ-General Engineering for West Campus Utilities Improvements San Diego
030728 030826 Environmental RFP-Environmental Services for the Phase V Expansion-Technical Studies as required by CEQA Encina
030728 030801 Environmental RFQ-CH2M Hill seeks MBE/WBE/OBEs-Environmental Technical and Consulting Services for Los Angeles World Airports in areas of Phase I and Phase II site investigations Los Angeles
030728 ASAP Environmental RFQ-Earth Tech seeks MBE/WBE/OBEs-Environmental Technical and Consulting Services and Hazardous Materials Abatement Services for Los Angeles World Airports Los Angeles
030801 030804 Environmental RFQ-MARRS Services, Inc seeks MBE/WBE/OBE Subconsultants for: Environmental Technical and Consulting Services for Los Angeles World Airports Los Angeles
030801 030818 Environmental RFQ-Prepare State Route 75/282 Tunnel Project Report and Environmental Documents Coronado
030801 030825 Geotechnical RFQ-Professional Geotechnical Engineering Services Coronado
030730 N/A Planning Campbell Sediment Remediation/Aquatic Enhancement San Diego
030801 N/A Planning Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center Fountain Valley
030801 N/A Planning Inventory of Major Capital Improvement Projects Santa Barbara
030801 N/A Planning Proposed 18 Office/Industrial Buildings Lake Forest
030728 N/A Planning Proposed Darby Middle and Horizon Schools La Quinta
030728 N/A Planning Proposed John F.Kennedy High School Expansion and Modernization La Palma
030730 N/A Planning Proposed Mecca Public health Clinic and Social Service Center Mecca
030730 N/A Planning Proposed One Broadway Plaza Project Santa Ana
030728 N/A Planning Proposed Replacement Facility for the Aging Edgemoor Hospital Santee
030801 N/A Planning Proposed Subdivision of 27-acre site Tustin
030730 N/A Planning Proposed Thousand Palms Library Thousand Palms
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