AEC Leads-S CA

Project Leads-Southern California
Week ending August 8, 2003
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Posted Due Type Title Place of Performance
030808 030827 A&E RFQ-Selection of an Executive Architect for a proposed Structural and Materials Engineering Building San Diego
N/A A&E SOQ-Update Consultant List for Public Works Department (updated to state that one only needs to update information if it has changed) Temecula
030807 031010 Consultants RFP-2003 Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program (CMP) S CA
030806 030827 Consultants RFP-Consultant Study to Develop Land Use Planning/Analysis for the Barrio Logan Area San Diego
030806 030819 Consultants RFP-Project Stabilization Agreement Coordinator-LAUSD Los Angeles
030808 030908 Design-Build RFQ-Design-Build Teams for BioScience Center Project San Diego
030805 On-going Developers RFQ/RFP-Implement Infrastructure Improvements re North Embarcadero Visionary Plan San Diego
030806 030919 Engineering RFP-Traffic Engineering Survey Los Angeles
030806 030829 Engineering RFQ-As-Needed Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning Services Long Beach
030808 ASAP Environmental Environmental Technical and Consulting Service-Ninyo & Moore Geotechnical seeks M/W/OBE subcontractors for Phase I & II site investigations for their Los Angeles World Airports Proposal Los Angeles
030806 030813 Environmental RFP-Environmental Marina Coastlink Evaluation Los Angeles
030808 030828 Environmental RFP-Professional Environmental Services for the Preparation of a Program Environmental Impact Report-Hall Property Community Park Encinitas
030805 030808 Environmental RFQ-CTL seks MBE/WBE/OBEs for Environmantal Technical and Consulting Services re Los Angeles World Airports Los Angeles
030805 030818 Environmental SOQ-MWH Americas, Inc. seeks certified MBE/WBE and OBE firms for variety of environmental technical and consulting services-Los AngelesWorld Airports Project Los Angeles
030805 030807 Meeting North Embarcadero Alliance Visionary Plan Joint Powers Authority Meeting
San Diego
030808 N/A Planning Proposed Coyote Run II-66-unit Apartment Complex Palm Springs
030804 N/A Planning Proposed Del Rio Residential Development Orange
030807 N/A Planning Proposed Development of ~ 28.9 acres as supporting infrastructure for the JSHS (performing arts complex, gymnasium, aquatic center, and more) San Juan Capistrano
030807 N/A Planning Proposed Development within the West Anaheim Commercial Corridors Anaheim
030805 N/A Planning Proposed Expansion of Brea Olinda High School Brea
030808 N/A Planning Proposed New Central Police Facility (Maintenance Facility & K-9/SWAT Facility) San Diego
030804 N/A Planning Proposed New Gene Autry Way (West) Highway and Limited Improvements to Existing North/South Roadway Anaheim
030807 N/A Planning Proposed Palisdades Estates on 388 acres of undeveloped land San Diego
030807 N/A Planning Proposed School of Film and Television, Dance Center, Mixed-Use Development (new specific land use area) Orange
030808 N/A Planning

RFQ-Consultant for Urban Area Security Strategy

San Diego
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